Move In/Out

Our comprehensive cleaning services cover a range of areas in your home. We will dust all surfaces, vacuum and mop all floors, and thoroughly clean all bathrooms and bedrooms. For your convenience, we will also clean the inside of windows. However, please note that we do not open windows during the cleaning process.

While we are thorough in our cleaning, please note that we do not clean walls as part of our standard services. We will, however, clean all baseboards in your home.

In the kitchen, we will go the extra mile to ensure that all appliances are left sparkling clean. This includes cleaning both the inside and outside of your refrigerator, oven, stove, and microwave. We will also clean all cabinets and drawers, both inside and out, so that every corner of your kitchen is left clean and tidy.

To ensure that we can carry out our cleaning services effectively, we kindly request that your home has running water and electricity. Additionally, we ask that your home be empty during our visit. In the event that there are items left in the house (excluding furniture), we may need to reschedule our cleaning services, and a cleaning fee may apply.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning services to our clients, and we look forward to making your home shine!

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